Our values and vision


These support our desire to provide an effective way of helping vulnerable families struggling with low incomes and poor mental health. One that leads to improved life chances and positively impacts others in their family and community.

A person-centred organisation- recognising that every individual is both different and important.  We won’t impose rigid systems or inflexible rules on our clients nor on those that work with us, and instead try to respond flexibly.

A trusted organisation- seeking to maintain the highest ethical standards in how we treat people and adhering to the Ethical Framework of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

An empathic organisation- that seeks to enter the world of clients, staff and partners and understand what it’s like to be them.  That way we can truly connect.

A learning organisation- this work is challenging and we’re learning all the time about how to do it better.

A collaborative organisation- we know we only have part of the picture and that collaboration with referrers and other agencies is important for us to deliver the best for families and the community.


Our vision

We want to become a leading family-centred counselling service in the region, supporting the most vulnerable families living with low incomes and poor mental health by providing a local, flexible and accessible counselling service. Within the next few years, we want our approach to become widely recognised as a high impact model for psychological healing that improves clients’ life chances and impacts positively on their families and communities.  We also want to champion the benefits of an early intervention approach and lobby Government and Statutory bodies to commit increased funding to mental health services that support individuals at an earlier stage rather than once they reach crisis point.


To realise our ambition, we need to be in a position to meet most of the need within specific areas of high deprivation and poor mental health in the Cheshire area; achieve a critical mass to demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach and have sufficient outcome data and evidence of positive family and client impacts to persuade Statutory bodies to take us seriously. Over the next few years our plan is to grow to being able to offer 200 weekly counselling slots and expand our geographic coverage to include other areas of high need in the West Cheshire area.

Our service


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