About Us

Platform for Life seeks to help build stable and happy families, helping to deal with the psychological challenges that can make good parenting more difficult.  We do this by providing counselling and other mental health interventions to young parents and would-be parents.

The focus then is on delivering counselling and other interventions as early as possible so that children have the least possible exposure to the adversity and stress in the family.

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It is our experience that the complex mental health needs of troubled families are not currently being adequately addressed by state provision.  To meet this need would not only result in stable, happy families, but would also save the tax payer up to £75,000 per family per year.

Platform for Life is based around providing counselling to this client group. We are a not-for-profit organisation which is currently able to devote all our resources into counselling and other front-line work – all management and administration is currently voluntary.