Our service

We’re a Chester based charity that offers free of charge counselling services to low income families struggling with poor mental health. We’re currently based in Blacon and Lache and to access our service, potential clients will need to meet the following criteria:-

  • Be a child or young person, or an adult who is a parent/carer (or someone who will have have parental responsibilities in the future).
  • Live in OR is registered to a GP in OR attends school in, Blacon or Lache
  • Be  from a low income household and unable to afford private therapeutic services if NHS services are not available.

Clients must meet all of the above criteria to access our service.

If these criteria are met, you or someone else in your family can access our service by being referred by local agencies such as a school or your GP or by making a referral yourself or on behalf of another family member.  How to make a referral explains more about this process and the form your referrer will need to complete before we can see you.

Our approach

Our family focused approach means we work with adults, children and young people. We also offer individual, couple and family work. Our therapy services include:

  • Counselling
  • Coaching
  • Play Therapy
  • Parent work

We understand that every family situation is different and so, following an initial assessment, we may offer a combination of approaches to best meet the needs of your particular family.

We’re community based and work where our clients are so there’s no transport issues to address or children to pull out of school. We work with families who can’t afford to pay for private therapy when NHS services aren’t available, too difficult to access or take too long. There’s no cost to clients from accessing our service but you will need to meet the criteria above.


Any information you provide will remain confidential and we will never share it with any third party without your consent. The only exception to this would be if you or someone else is at risk of harm. In such cases we may be obliged to disclose information to an appropriate agency.


Data collection

To help us manage and deliver counselling services to you, we have to collect some personal data from you. We won’t share your personal data with anyone else outside our charity without your explicit consent. The only time we would break this confidentiality is in cases of risk of harm to yourself or someone else. You can view our privacy notice for counselling services here to find out more about the information we collect, why we need this and your rights over your own personal data.


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