What to expect from coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is a way of working with individuals, couples or families to help you identify a specific goal or need. It’s a supportive experience that can help you make sense of a particular situation and what you want to do about it. It helps you focus on making changes, either to how things are in the moment or in the near future. Coaching can help you develop your ideas so you can work out your own solutions as to what happens next and is often a short-term piece of work.


Our approach

When you’re referred to our service, we’ll discuss with you whether coaching might be best for your needs and situation. It can be a stand-alone service helping you to find the answers you need to manage a particular situation in a focused and time limited way. Alternatively, it may also sometimes be a first step into our service, before you decide to work on more difficult and complicated issues. At the end of coaching, after discussion between you and your counsellor, you may decide to access one of our other services such as counselling or parent work.



We’re always looking at how we can improve our service and will invite you to feedback on your experience of coaching and if/how you think it’s helped you. With your permission, and your name and situation anonymised so you can’t be identified, we may want to use your feedback to tell others about Platform for Life.

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