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Platform for Life receives referrals from a number of local community agencies including schools and GPs practices.  In addition to experiencing our service as a referrer, these agencies are well placed to see the impact attending counselling/play therapy has on the parents, children and young people that they know and any improvements in their relationships with each other and peers. We regularly survey referrers and ask them to rate the performance and impact of our service.


Results from the July 2019 survey

  • 100% valued Platform for Life’s service at the highest rating- very highly
  • 100% were very satisfied with the overall quality of the service Platform for Life provides.
  • 90% observed very positive or positive changes in all/most families


“As TAF lead, it is very important to be able to offer this service to parents who need support with their own emotional wellbeing, which impacts on the child/ren, whole family.School 


“Has given the 2 mums more confidence in parenting their children who have additional needs. One mum has told me that Della has helped her to feel ’empowered’.” School


“Platform for Life are extremely accommodating. They will rearrange appointments if necessary. They will support parents until they feel necessary and they usually have fairly short waiting lists.” School


“The work of Platform for Life has played a significant part in improving parent child relationships. As a result of this work, their day to day lives have improved, with increased school attendances and happier home lives.” GP’s Practice


“There’s a significant increase in anxiety related issues for primary school pupils and this service is vital in supporting families when appropriate. It is important to be able to offer to families in addition to what is offered in school.” School


“We have struggled to get much needed counselling for students. CAMHs waiting is at times 6months PFL coming to school and supporting our students has been really helpful. PFL offer such a caring approach to our students and at times the parents. Helping the whole family has proven to be a real positive. One father in particular seems to have relaxed around his son’s anxieties after speaking to the counsellor.” School


“This is an invaluable resource that supports the children of our school – they are amazing!” School


 “Reliable, friendly and very supportive to both parents and pupils.” School


“The Platform for Life service has had a huge impact on the lives of the parents that access our service. Their day to day lives and quality of life has improved, and their need to access primary care services has dramatically reduced.” GP’s Practice

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