Elsie’s Brownie baking bonanza leads to windfall for Platform for Life

Elsie, an enterprising 13 year old from Christleton High, has put her love and talent for baking to great use during August, raising £225 for our charity.


With time on her hands as a result of the lockdown, Elsie decided to put her baking skills towards doing something for good. Everyone likes a Brownie so with this as her choice of bake, Elsie set about creating and printing up a leaflet to distribute locally with details of her Brownies and a bit about Platform for Life. Available in 3 different flavours- original chocolate, salted caramel and chocolate orange – and batches of 6,9 or 12 Brownies, the orders flooded in from family, friends and local residents. After 2 weeks of furious baking and many deliveries, Elsie realised she had raised a whopping £225.


About her achievement and what it means, a clearly delighted Elsie commented:

It’s made me realise how generous people can be. It’s so lovely to know that the money I’ve raised is going to people in need. I feel awesome and so happy I decided to do this.”

 The money Elsie’s raised will be used by Platform for Life to fund free counselling for low income families living in Blacon, Lache and Kingsway. Platform for Life CEO Ceri George commented:

“We are really touched that Elsie chose us as the charity she wanted to raise funds for with her Brownies. We work with families who often struggle to access help with mental health issues and who can’t afford to pay for private care. The money Elsie’s raised will make a massive difference to a family who needs our support.”

And what about the crowd-pleasing Brownie recipe Elsie used to raise so much money? It came from BBC Good Food but like a true baker she put her own twists on it.