Play boxes for our children

We are asking for donations of toys and crafts for our children and young people’s play therapy boxes.

Playboxes are very important in play therapy. Some children and young people are unable to process their emotions and articulate their problems. Through play therapy observations, our trained play therapists can gain better insights and understanding of the needs of the child and young person.

Play can also help a child explore their emotions, be able to deal with unresolved trauma and through this play they can learn mechanisms to cope that they can use and build on throughout their life.

Now with the easing of lockdown, we are being able to see more of our clients face to face. In order to keep everyone safe, we are using single playboxes for children and we are in need of help with creating more.

The top 7 items children love: UNO, connect 4, regular playing cards, mini Jenga, fidget toys, snap, super soft clay

fidget toys















In the box, each child will ideally have;

  • craft bits (coloured paper; pens, coloured pencils, feathers, buttons, glue etc);
  • games (UNO, cards, connect 4, mini Jenga etc);
  • small figurines/animals (Hard toys (plastic eg) to easily wipe them clean);
  • fidget toys;
  • mini play-doh tubs;
  • soft clay
  • kinetic sand;
  • play medical kits;
  • play emergency vehicles etc.
  • Puppets (like finger puppets)
  • Mini white boards are good (with the appropriate pens/wipes).
  • And the box itself, which is usually 24L, clear plastic.

If you are able to make a contribution, it would be a great help to our clients.

If you would like to speak to someone about donating for playboxes please contact Emily at [email protected]

Thank you.