In the West Cheshire area opportunities for this client group to engage with the kind of counselling that leads to transformed lives are very limited. 

We are developing a service that is tailored to these particular needs. Our clients are parents (as individuals or couples), caregivers and would-be parents, together with children and teenagers who are experiencing, or have experienced, adverse situations.

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We provide counselling that is:

  • Specialised: we work with clients experiencing chaos or multiple challenges.
  • Transformative: our counselling is long-term and aimed at profound psychological healing.
  • Local: we work from locations in the heart of the communities that we serve.
  • Flexible: we try to work around the various obstacles that can affect attendance.
  • Free to the user: we are grant funded.
  • Accessible: we aim for minimal waiting times and offer crisis support at short notice.

How to access our services

We are happy to receive self-referrals from individuals or families.  Organisations wishing to refer clients to us are invited to get in touch about referral arrangements and funding options.