Talking about difficulties with someone we really trust in a confidential environment is a natural thing to do and one that can help us make more sense of ourselves and of the world, and lead us to a happier life.  

Many people – perhaps you – don’t have that opportunity. 

But you can talk to us.  

We can start with an initial chat where we can talk about what support you need and about what counselling can provide.

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Counselling may sound scary but our counsellors are experienced in keeping you from “falling apart” and losing control.  There is no interrogation and you can go at your pace.  We can also help with support in a crisis and couples counselling. 

The counselling is confidential.

How can just talking change anything?  Well, it won’t take away all life’s challenges but it can put us in much better shape to deal with them.  It can also help with difficult relationships.  Talking activates parts of the brain that don’t get activated when we just think about our problems – this allows us to make more sense of our world, our history and our relationships.  Those things inside us which once seemed scary or shameful become understandable and OK.

To get in touch, please text or phone on 07552 219806 or send an email to