Business partnerships

We’d like to build relationships with businesses who have links in the Chester area and are looking to support local communities and give something back.


Who are we?

Platform for Life provides a community based, free to client counselling and play therapy service targeting low income families struggling with poor mental health in Lache and Blacon.  Research has shown a close link between mental ill health and living in deprivation and children from the lowest income families are 4x more likely to experience psychological problems than children from the richest families.  It’s estimated that 50% of problems are established by the age of 14, rising to 75% by the age of 21 (Mental Health Taskforce 2016.) Our aim is to stop the cycle of poor mental health being passed down from one generation to the next and through earlier intervention, to stop poor mental health becoming a life-long disability.


Connecting with businesses

If you’re a business looking for ways to connect with the communities you’re a part of, whether that’s about building brand awareness,  meeting corporate social responsibility targets and giving something back we’d love to talk to you. There’s different ways we can work together and we will of course acknowledge all the support you offer us through our own internal and external promotions.

  • Provide a company grant or donation to help us continue our work.
  • Select us as your charity of the year and support employees to fundraise and raise awareness of Platform for Life on our behalf.
  • Provide gifts in kind such as computers and office equipment that you no longer have use for and which Platform for Life can put to good use, saving the cost of buying them from new.
  • Encourage employees to volunteer their time with our charity or sign up to support us as you shop . We’re always in need of business support and skills.



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