Social Impact Report 2023


Image of Platform for Life social impact report 2023


This social impact report tells the story of our charity over the last year, the families we’ve supported and the impact this has had on their lives.


The evidence of our impact detailed in this report is based on client evaluations, end of therapy questionnaires, client stories, testimonials and feedback from clients and referrers. Therapy has led to significant changes in clients’ lives including:-


  • Strengthening or re-building relationships with family, friends and peers. 
  • Applying for work for the first time or afteran absence. 
  • Pursuing opportunities to volunteer. 
  • Having the confidence to seek increased responsibility or promotion at work. 
  • Making lifestyle changes, including taking up exercise and eating more healthily. 
  • Accessing school or college when this has previously been difficult or not possible at all. 
  • Making successful transitions from the nurturing environment of primary school to high school where more independence is required. 
  • Breaking free from abusive and negativerelationships. 
  • Stopping destructive and risky behaviours,including self-harm. 


Read the full report here Social Impact Report 2023